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About us

We love sharing good content

Who we are

Hi! It’s Mark and Tom here. We are friends for more than 5 years and we know each other very well.

We’re very passionate about technology, gadgets and electronic. We’ve tested a lot of products before i.e. some of our friends bought it and we’ve also helped them with making the best choice.

Our mutual friend suggested us to create a website like this one (on which you are right now), so we could help other people to decide what are the best choices in many categories. We will review products from lawn mowers to phones, so be prepared for tons of valuable content 🙂

What is so special about us?

We wanted to stand off the crowd and make something special, that is not popular on websites like that.

Before every “top 10” comparison, we buy all these products or borrow them from our friends, and we test them. And that’s it, something that makes us different.

What is Top Ten Thingz?

It's very easy. Our main goal is to let you know what are top 10 things in many different categories. And yes, that's it!

What makes us different from other top ten sites?

One simple thing - we really buy these products and test them. You can be sure, that if we recommend something, it is really worth buying it. One thing, but makes a great difference, doesn't it?